Thursday, January 19, 2012

bullet points...

I'm behind on posting photos from winter break and I'm nowhere near getting to the photos I've taken recently. I'm trying to keep up my posting momentum going by jotting down a few recent things...

  • It's official, Alex did graduate out of Rock 101, so he gets to sign up to be in a spring show!
  • Clara is auditioning today for her school's spring musical. She was taking it rather seriously even though fourth graders (the first year you can be in the musical) are almost always "townspeople" or something similar. She decided to sing Popular from Wicked for her audition... lol! She does it really cute here at home, but I have a feeling she'll stand there and mumble the words when she gets up in front of her teachers. Can't wait to hear how it goes!
  • Clara started basketball last week (Alex was supposed to but Jeff took Alex and a friend to Michigan for a weekend of skiing and snowboarding instead). She was the lone girl in a whole sea of boys! She held her own though! She came out embarrassed though.... when they scrimmaged at the end, she shot at the wrong basket and all of the boys laughed. Didn't deter her though... she's fired up for this week!
  • Clara did find the perfect dress for the Daddy Daughter Dance (after trying on over 20 different dresses... ugh). You've got to love shopping the sales after Christmas! So many leftover "holiday" dresses at such great prices! Given the great prices, I let Clara have free reign with what she picks out. The dress she picked was so not one I would have payed anything near to full price for, but for $11.98 we're both happy! She's totally in love with it and it does look really cute on her.
  • Alex started practicing with his school rock band last night! According to Alex they had a great jam session and I think they're having another one tonight. He truly loves his school!

I think that's all my bullet points for now. There are a few other things, but I actually have photos to go with those so I'll wait to post about them until I get the photos ready!

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