Sunday, January 08, 2012

First day of vacation!

On December 27th, Clara had her last Nutcracker performance. While she was there, we packed up the car so we were ready to head out of town. We were heading to our place in Michigan for a couple of weeks of skiing and relaxing!

We got in fairly late, so no skiing that night. The next morning though, the kids were on the slopes at 9:00 am for their private ski lesson. They got them as a Christmas gift. Alex has been having weekly lessons through the ski club he's in, but since this was Clara's first outing of the season we thought it would be good to start out with a refresher lesson. While they were skiing, Jeff and I ran to the grocery store to get our provisions for the next couple of weeks.

They skied for a couple of hours and then came back to the house to try out some of their new games they had gotten for Alex's Kinect....

Later in the day, Jeff and the kids all headed out to do some skiing...

A really good start to a great trip!!

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