Monday, May 28, 2012

a long holiday weekend...

Busy, busy weekend again!  Friday night Clara had an extra ballet class to prepare for their final presentation.

Saturday morning was spent running errands (Clara needed a new bike helmet).  That afternoon Clara had her usual ballet class and we all went downtown to drop her off.  I went because the Memorial Day Parade was going on right past where she has class which meant all of the streets nearby were closed off.  Jeff was able to drop us off a couple blocks away.  I walked her over and then met back up with the boys.  Next we went over to the Merchandise Mart to pick up their Bike the Drive packets, then grabbed some lunch.  When we got home, Alex went next door to his friend's house to play for a while.  As soon as Clara was home from ballet, we scattered in different directions again... Jeff and Alex to the ER and Clara and I to the movie.  If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that Alex has had some issues with staph infections in the past... once with MRSA and another time with just plain ol' staph.  He had a mosquito bite on his wrist from our weekend in Michigan that was swelling and turning bright red versus healing, so with the thinking of "better safe than sorry", Jeff ran him to the ER to have him checked out.  Thankfully, it wasn't staph in any form, just a regular, run of the mill skin infection.... which is clearing up nicely now without even getting his prescription filled.

While they were at the ER, Clara and I went with her friend Amelia from jazz and tap and her mom to see the movie First Position.  The girls had been wanting to see it... and so had us moms (but we promised that we would sit nowhere near them).  It was really a good movie to see with Clara.  We've had a lot of interesting discussions since viewing it.

The next morning, they (meaning everyone in our house, but me) got up super early (5:30ish?) to do the Bike the Drive.  It was going to get hot, so they wanted to get out early.  Jeff took pictures for me and emailed them to me when they took breaks.

Clara and Alex at one of the water stations...
Clara biking the drive...
 Alex out in front...
And the kids at the park for the pancake breakfast...
We totaled it up and we think they rode between 22-24 miles that morning!  This is Alex's fourth year and Clara's third... they really enjoy doing it!

After that, they came home, showered and then vegged for a while.  Mid-day, Clara had her Broadway Jazz class to go to and then later that night we went to our friends' house for a bbq.  Good friends and good times!  Clara ended up spending the night and Alex and I came home to begin a Doctor Who marathon.  We watched just a couple of episodes last night, but finished up season one on Netflix today.  Clara stayed with her friend and swam and played all day and didn't get home until dinner time.  She was so worn out that she asked if she could go to be early... like I would say no to that!

I think this is our last REALLY crazy week of the school year, so bring it on!!!  :-)

(I still have to go back and post last weekend's photos plus some video I took this week... mustn't forget!) 

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  1. A busy weekend indeed, but it sounds like the kiddos really enjoyed themselves.It's nice hearing about kids actually playing and doing things outdoors.