Monday, May 21, 2012

we're back...

We ended up going away for the weekend and I'm behind on posting again!  With NATO in town, pretty much all of the kids' activities were cancelled.... we never have a free weekend!  So we decided to take advantage of it and headed up to our place in Michigan.  Next weekend, although it's a long holiday weekend, it's full of kid stuff so we're staying in town.  I have a few photos from the weekend (not many), and I hope to get to them later in the week. 

This is one that I meant to post before we left.... Clara before her last show...
I really thought I was putting on heavy make-up for her, but here it doesn't look too bad (except for the crappy job I did with her lipstick).  My new love... liquid eyeliner!  Not for myself, but for Clara's stage make-up. It was so easy to put on!  I can't believe I didn't start using it sooner... would have saved me a lot of headaches during Nutcracker!

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  1. She looks so grown up and her lipstick looks fine....and I hate to admit that I still use liquid eyeline from time to time. Really thin applications, I promise!