Tuesday, May 08, 2012


On Saturday, Clara watched a lot of ballet!

First, she spent from 12-4 in rehearsals for Cinderella.  Their cast didn't get to rehearse with the whole cast that day, so she spent a lot of the time just watching... 
(I was there taking photos for the marketing dept. and hoping to get a shot of Clara in costume... sigh)

After rehearsal, she rushed home and got all fancied up for her date with her daddy...

(like the dress?  pretty darn cute for $9.97... gotta love the sale racks at Macy's!)

They were off to dinner and then to see the Joffrey Ballet's Spring Desire.  Clara had a wonderful time.  Jeff said that she was just mesmerized the whole time.

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  1. Daddy/daughter date. How sweet. Oh and Tracey, you have great taste. My Alex has the same $10 dress from Macy's and she loves it.