Tuesday, August 07, 2012


I'm behind on posting again... but time flies when you're having fun and have house guests!! 

A week ago last Sunday,  we all went kayaking.  We went on the same river that Jeff and I had floated a couple weeks before.  That time, I didn't have a camera with me (my waterproof camera is still temporarily misplaced... sigh), but this time I wanted to take some photos.  I decided to brave it with my phone, when not out for photos I had it wrapped up inside a couple of zip lock bags... worked just fine (although it still made me a little nervous and would much rather locate the missing waterproof camera).

Here's my view for the afternoon...
There were a few people out, but not too bad.  The last time we went it was the 5th of July and it was wall to wall people at times.  The guy from the kayak rental place said that couple of days around the 4th was the busiest he'd ever seen it.  That was probably a good thing for us... we survived it and now anytime we go, it'll seem empty in comparison!  :-)

The girl had it pretty easy...
She had never kayaked before and we weren't sure how it would go, so we gave her the choice of being in a double kayak with one of us or being towed in a tube by Jeff.  She chose the tube and quite enjoyed the royal treatment!  :-)  She did get out and swim along behind for part of the trip.

Here's the boy...
He was quite the expert since he picked kayaking as his specialty at camp this summer.  He knew how to maneuver quite well!  He eventually grew tired of us novices, paddled on ahead and met us at the end.  Can't complain though... he was standing there watching for me, pulled my kayak ashore for me and helped me out!

After the kayaking, we decided to spend some time at the beach (this river ends at Lake Michigan).  The kids love playing in the river and in the lake.

An attempt at a photo of the two of them...
I took about five and Alex's eyes are closed in ALL of them... so I'm posting this one anyway!  :-)

Ahhh... finally one with his eyes open!
I am so glad that we're getting to do so many fun things as a family this summer!!

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