Monday, March 25, 2013

Project Life: Week 12

Still at it!  And I'm still totally in love with this project!  I also love that this project has inspired me and motivated me to get more photos off of my computer and into a form we can all enjoy.  Not only am I still plugging away at Project Life, but just this week alone I've completed another 6 or so Bearski book pages AND made a quick Shutterfly book of our trip to Cancun back in 2009!!  Shutterfly sent out coupons for a free 8x8 book or $29.99 off of a larger book (MYBOOK is the promo code... expires tomorrow - Tuesday), so I jumped on that offer and got those photos out and into the world!  No one here has really looked at those photos since I posted them to my blog years ago, I'm so excited to have them in a book form that we can pick up and page through whenever we feel like it.  It also went back through my photos and probably added another 20 or so that I didn't post to the blog.  Funny how your perspective on things change over the years.  Plus, I don't mind overdoing the same type of shot in a book, where I like more variety in my blog posts.  The book has already shipped... I can't wait to get it!!

Here are my project life pages for this week...
Template - Amy Jaz Designs
Green papers - How it Began by One Little Bird
Lucky Card - Hello Lucky by Amy Jaz Designs
White photo card - Make Today Amazing by Emily Merritt
Black paper - oh dearie by Paislee Press
4x6 templates - 4x6 Collages No. 1 by Designs by Lili
3x4 template - 3x4 Photo Templates No. 2 by Designs by Lili
Title Card - Titled Templates by Amy Jaz
Template - Amy Jaz Designs
Big Journaling Card - Hello Lucky by Amy Jaz Designs
& Card - Color Me Happy (recolored) by Amy Jaz Designs
Happy Card - Make Today Amazing Cards by Emily Merritt
Green Paper - How it Began by One Little Bird
4x6 Templates - 4x6 Collages No. 1 by Designs by Lili

All available at The Lilypad.

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