Saturday, April 27, 2013

a little preview of the grunge show...

I have got to get back into posting things other than my project life pages!  For every photo that makes it into my PL book... there are a bunch more that are edited and ready to go into our big, end of the year album.  I even had a bunch completely edited, resized for web and ready to post... but I've been a little lax about actually posting them.

So, before I go back to the spring break photos I've been meaning to upload, I'll post this video from last weekend.  Alex has been at School of Rock for a while now and loves it!  Clara just joined around Christmas.  She wasn't so sure at first, but now loves it too!  Especially since she has graduated out of Rock 101 and is in a "real" show this spring!  She joined the grunge show with Alex.  That official show is next weekend, but last weekend was the spring preview show.  Three songs were picked from each of the 5 spring shows and were performed at a fundraiser concert. 

One of Alex's songs, was picked and Clara just happened to play keys on this song too!  As an added bonus, it was on Alex's 13th birthday!  What better way to ring in your first day of being a teen than belting out Smells Like Teen Spirit up on stage!!  Can't wait until the full show next weekend!!

The song needs just a little more polish... but my favorite thing is the end where they're all high-fiving each other!  They really have a lot of fun up there and a few of them have become really close!  Alex has a band with a couple of the kids up there (two on the song and one coming in for the next song).  They hang out a lot, have sleepovers and have a lot of fun together.  I love it when an activity, becomes more than just another lesson to go to, but more of a family :-)

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