Friday, April 26, 2013

Project Life: Week 16

Another week done!  I'm very excited that I'm sticking with it!  I think my motivation now is getting excited about paging through the finished book.  I really can't wait to see it.  The other day I came across some old photos from when the kids were little.  This distracted me a bit, I got into the mindset that today could wait and what I really needed to do was free the old stuff from computer, since we had so enjoyed looking through those photos (laughter to the point of tears... so much fun!).  But, I had to keep myself on track and realize that I needed to keep focusing on today, since in a few years, these will be the "good old days" for my kids.  So, onward with this project and I'll fill in the down time with work on the old stuff. 

Oh!  Speaking of freeing photos from my computer... my MyPublisher book came!  I'm totally in love with it and ready to go back a year to 2011 to print another one!  I can post more details about it later if anyone is interested.  I'm just so excited about getting so many things printed this year.  That book has 635 photos in it... most of which, had not been printed before in any form!

 Enough of that... on to week 16.  Not loving my title card this week, but I gave up and called it "done". 
Template by Amy Jaz Designs
Title Card - Titled Templates by Amy Jaz Designs
Paper on title card - Crazy for You by One Little Bird
Journal Card - Color Me Happy by Amy Jaz Designs
4x6 Photo Collage templates by Designs by Lili
3x4 Photo template by Designs by Lili
Template by Amy Jaz Designs
Journal Card - Color Me Happy by Amy Jaz Designs
Make a Wish Card - paper and elements from the Lilypad collab Hoppy Birthday
4x6 photo collages by Designs by Lili
3x4 photo template no. 2 by Designs by Lili

All from The Lilypad.

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