Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 36

Here's my layout of Hop-Along and Lefty on their first day of school :-)  They were quite a pair!

This week was the first casualty of being behind with layouts.  Some weeks I just don't remember to take photos and I don't have much for my weekly layout.  But when I'm working current, I catch it right away and remind myself to take more photos the next week.  When I'm 3 or so weeks behind (like I was when I was working on this one), I don't catch it right away and have several weeks that are light on photos.  At this time I'm working current, EXCEPT I still haven't gone back on finished up week 37.  I skipped it because it was so light on photos that I wasn't sure what to do and skipped it while I tried to round up photos from other people I could use.  I did manage to find a few more, but it just would have been easier to have taken more photos myself.  I'm currently making another attempt at the Fat Mum Slim instagram photo a day challenge, so I at least have some filler options.  If you want to see my photos, the link to my instagram account is on the right.

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