Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 40

I wasn't sure where it was going when I started, but week 40 turned out to be one of my all time favorite weekly spreads!  I used the exact same kit I used in week 38, yet it looks completely different.

It was an exciting week, especially Saturday with Clara's performance earlier in the day and the concert at our house that night, so thankfully it was a week with lots of photos.  Week 41 was a totally different story though... I don't have a lot of photos to work with and I'm dreading getting started on it.  Ugh.  I have so many photo projects to get done and I'm just not feeling them at the moment.  It's a dark, gloomy, rainy day, so maybe it's a good day to work on them!

Wish me luck!  :-)

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