Friday, October 10, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 39

And here's week 39...

For those of you worried about Alex not making the robotics team, check out the first page of this layout... he got asked the join the team!  It was definitely a learning experience for him.  The day after he got the news about not making the team, we sat down with him.  We asked him just how important being on the team was to him.  He told us that it was very important, it was what he wanted to do 100%.  So, with that being the case, we told him that we would advise him to contact the coach, thank him for the opportunity, highlight that although he was disappointed, he knew it was a tough decision and then finally ask what he should be working on for next year's try-outs.  I was impressed, the coach got back to him right away and they emailed back and forth a bit about some things to work on.  Then, a week after robotics started, he got asked to join the team!  Now did his emails to the coach about wanting to work towards next year have anything to do with him being offered a spot... we'll probably never know.  But I'm guessing they didn't hurt anything, and at the least, even if he hadn't been given this opportunity, he would have known what he needed to work on for the following year.

And let me just say, Alex has loved every single second of being on the robotics team!  We had worried a bit that it wouldn't live up to his expectations or that it would be too much with his homework load and School of Rock (robotics is 10+ hours a week)... but oddly enough, it's made him more efficient with his school work.  He also really likes being on a mixed grade team... his particular team has freshmen to seniors on it.  And now that the team has spent so much time together, they're starting to talk about doing things together outside of robotics, like going to the football games after practice on Fridays.  It's been a really good thing for him!

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