Thursday, May 14, 2015

Project Life 2015: Week 15

I spent the last week scrambling to get my first book of the year ready to print.  Shutterfly always does that to me... I get a coupon and I think "I MUST use this NOW, it's the BEST coupon EVER, I CAN'T let it expire without using it" and then I work around the clock to get my book ready to print.  And I send it print within a few hours of the coupon expiring... every. single. time.  Then, the very next day, I get a new coupon which is different, yet similar, to the one that just expired.  Oh well... it motivated me to finish up those last few pages I was avoiding and now, within a week or so, I'll have my first book in hand!

And now begins the series of posts where I try to get caught back up with sharing layouts!

Here is week 15 (the main part of the the week with just Clara and I)...

It was a strange week to scrap.  Week 15 ended up with 10 pages because I had so many photos - Easter, Alex's week in MO, Clara's dance competition and the rest.  The problem was that "the rest" didn't add up to much... but there were too many to leave out, so I did this spread, added lots of filler and hoped for the best!  It turned out better than I expected!

Supplies (links on pinterest)....

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