Monday, April 27, 2009

random play

That's what my next few blog posts will be like... random play (or would that be shuffle?). Anyway, we had a LOT going on at the end of last week and over the weekend and I actually have lots of photos to post. However, I have chosen to edit them in a random order.... so with this post you'll have photos of Friday even though I have photos from Thursday that I haven't even opened to edit yet. If I wait until I have them all edited, I'll never get anything posted.


On Friday Clara had her performance at the spring gala. Her part was very small but it was a HUGE deal as they were on stage at the Auditorium Theatre, dancing with on the same stage as the professional dancers and dancing to music by a live orchestra. She had stage rehearsal from 11:45 until 1:45 that day.... so I snapped a couple of photos of her in her costume before we left...

I had her pose for a few shots but then she just started dancing around and that's when I got the shots above.

While Clara was in rehearsals, Alex and I went with some friends to a field trip program at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. We always love going to these.

Jeff's parents came in for Alex's birthday, so that night Alex got to have a special night with grandpa and grandma (dinner, bowling and watching a movie at home) while Jeff and I attended the performance. The kids did really well and it was so exciting to see them on such a big stage.

Clara was completely DONE after the performance and refused our offer to take her out for a special dinner. She just wanted to go home. So that's what we did... ordering Thai food from the noodle shop behind our house once we were home.

Okay.... it's time to get to work (school work, that is!).

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