Friday, February 24, 2012

behind again...

We were away for the weekend and I have photos to post, but I'm running behind as usual. So, another bullet point list will have to do for now...

1. Alex is home for his first sick day. He's doing better today, at least the fever is gone that he had when he got home last night, but he's pretty congested.

2. Alex picked a bad day to be sick. His homebase teacher just emailed me to let me know that Alex had been recognized as a "Shining Example" this morning during their morning meeting. Very proud of that boy!

3. Clara is about a week away from her solo festival for flute. We're seeing progress! Thankfully, I have retained some basic flute knowledge and have been able to help her some. :-)

4. Over our weekend away, I got totally hooked on the show Downton Abbey. I had seen people talking about it on facebook, but I hadn't checked it out for myself until now. I've finished season one on Netflix, now I'm watching season two on the PBS site. I'm going to be sad when I'm all caught up!

5. Alex got the cast list for the upcoming show with School of Rock. He's playing guitar on three songs and singing lead vocals on two!!! He was totally shocked to have lead vocals! He'll also be playing guitar on those songs, so now he needs to practice playing and singing.

6. Clara made her final summer decision this week... choosing her usual, beloved summer camp over ballet. The decision is getting tougher and tougher for her, but her time at camp is time well spent. It is such a great atmosphere with great people, plus she's just a kid and needs to have time to run and play!

Okay... my patient calls!

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