Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a list...

I still have tons of photos to post from various outings, but I have some things to jot down since I haven't done a list in a while.

1. Have I mentioned that I love Alex's school? :-) Tonight I got to school a little early to pick him up from game club. I peeked in while things were still in full force. They were all at computers playing a game together (Minecraft). They were are laughing, joking, yelling back and forth, and working together. I love that his "geekiness" is not only accepted, but encouraged! There are so many kids there that are wired like he is and that has been such a find for us! Socially, Alex is having an amazing year (he is academically as well, but that's not as surprising). You know Alex is in with the right crowd for him, when he comes home and tells me (in way too much detail) all about the video game they're all going to design together (they plan and brainstorm over lunch).

2. Clara is discovering the perks of being in the "chorus" of her school musical. You don't have one role... you have many! :-) Clara operates on "the more costumes, the better" principle.

3. I'm dreading picking Clara up tonight from ballet. She turned her ankle in pointe class on Monday and it's really bothering her. It's not swollen or bruised though. Her teacher looked at it and thought it looked okay... but Clara isn't convinced. I'm bracing for a full meltdown at pick-up... wish me luck!

4. Clara joined the Battle of the Books team at school! She has become such an amazing reader! She will probably not end up on the team that actually competes though. I think 20 4th - 6th graders joined, but only 7 will end up competing. The librarian encouraged everyone to attend the meetings each week. She's enjoying being part of a book club.

5. Alex has his product that his school is beta testing! He got it yesterday and thinks it's the coolest thing ever! They are the first school outside of California to test the product.

6. Clara has solo festival for band coming up. This should be interesting. :-}

7. All went well with Clara's science fair project! Theirs isn't a contest, it's just graded. She got 4 out of 4 in all categories and her teacher noted about how well Clara did speaking about her project. That's a big one for Clara. She's also been practicing her speaking skills, by hounding friends and family for donations for her school's Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser :-)

8. In case you were wondering... the boy has NOT destroyed any articles of his school uniform lately! We're on a good roll! The only thing at all (and I'm not sure it counts) is that he trashed his shoelaces a couple of weeks ago and we had to replace them.

Okay... I'm not sure if there's more or not, but I have to go prepare myself for picking up Clara tonight!

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