Thursday, February 09, 2012

I'm so over...

... the snowboarding photos. I still have another day and a half that I haven't posted... but I'm over them. Time to edit and post something else. Maybe I'll go back to them... but, then again, maybe not. :-)

Last month was Clara's ballet class's parent observation. I ended up going two of the three days, but took very few photos. First of all, her class is pretty big now and uses center barres. I was sitting in the "obstructed view" section for barre work and had very few opportunities for a clear shot of Clara. I took a couple of photos but, there are barres and the limbs of the students at those barres in all the photos. I took very little video as well for the same reason.

I did get a clear shot of her during pointe...
This was my first official time to see her in her pointe shoes (I had peeked through the window on a couple of occasions). I took a couple photos, but then mostly took video. She was having an off night, so it wasn't her best outing.

Her teacher thought she was doing well enough to do center for the first time though! Clara decided to stand right directly in front of me so I could see her (she was so proud to be doing center). However, I only brought one lens and she was too close for me to get any full body shots (and too close to video as well). So, I decided to take some snaps of her feet in her pretty pointe shoes :-)

She has a long way to go with pointe, but she is really off to a great start. She has really started to take the core strength that's needed seriously and does crunches everyday. Her teacher complimented her over the weekend about how much stronger she's gotten recently!

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