Thursday, February 02, 2012

quick list...

... and then I'm going to work on photos (so there may be another real post later!).

1. Alex's school has been selected to beta test a new piece of fitness technology aimed at middle school age kids. He, specifically, has been selected to sit on a panel of five kids representing the school during this beta test. They did their first interviews on Tuesday. They should be getting their product in about two weeks. Alex is really fired up about it! I'll post more about it when I get the OK to do so.

2. Clara has started rehearsals for the school musical. She found out at the first rehearsal that she's not just a townsperson... but that she was picked by the dance/drama teacher to be in a group that will perform special dance numbers throughout the show. Next week is her first specific dance rehearsal... she's pretty excited!

3. Alex has discovered the world of Minecraft! They played it at gaming club last night and he begged for an account all the way home. So, when we got home, he gave me the money for it and we signed him up. One of the teachers at school set up a server for their group and they were all on there, playing together last night. I'm thinking that Alex is going to need his own laptop or I will never be able to use my computer myself again!

4. Clara was sick all weekend and is finally coming out of it. It sure seemed like the flu with high fevers and such. Now she's just congested, but, honestly, that could be due to the springlike conditions we've got going on right now.

6. Bought Alex new church clothes for when he speaks in church this Sunday. Found out yesterday that they are going to have him wear a Bears jersey (he's speaking about the Souper Bowl of Caring), so I didn't need to go shopping after all! Oh well... he needed some dressier clothes and I got them at a really good price! :-)

5. Neither kid has school tomorrow! It will be fun to have them both home with nothing really to do!

Okay... I think that may be all for my list today! Now to edit photos!

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