Sunday, February 19, 2012

thanksgiving weekend...

Thanksgiving weekend we were at our house in Michigan. I had my big camera with me most of the time, but on Friday night the resort had a Holiday Trail thing going on and I just grabbed the little camera.

For the Holiday Trail, you followed a map and stopped at different locations around the resort. The kids made body scrub at the spa, and made ornaments at the ski rental for example. I took exactly two photos.

By the pool we found Santa...
This ended up being our sole Santa pic of the season. Yes, I later got a photo of Santa on the Santa Train, but this is the only one with the kids.

Also, at the pool you could make s'mores...
... so yummy! This was probably Alex's favorite stop.... except for maybe the ski rental were he got eggnog... the kid LOVES eggnog. :-)

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