Friday, October 23, 2015

Project Life 2015: A Christmas Story House

On Saturday we started the morning at Cedar Point.  We thought we would spend most of the day there before heading on to Cleveland.  But the kids were about amusement parked out by that time.  We were there Thursday afternoon until closing, Friday from early entry (we stayed on property) to closing (plus we got fast lane passes that day so they rode a ton of rides) and then early entry again on Saturday.  They decided to get in a couple favorites early and then finish up with all of the water rides they had skipped the previous two days.  So, all of that rambling just to say, that we got to Cleveland much earlier than we had anticipated.  With time to kill, we looked up some options for a local attraction to visit and unanimously decided on A Christmas Story House!

We had a lot of fun and were glad we decided to check it out.  And now we have some new things to look for when we watch the movie at Christmas time!

Here is my one page spread (Storyteller Kenner again with some Shelf Elf thrown in)...

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