Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Project Life 2015: Justice Journey

Another set of pages completed in "get it done mode".

I had been dragging my feet on these for a while.  Putting together pages for events I wasn't part of and that draw photos from multiple sources is something I tend to put off.  I had photos from Alex, some from the youth group's fb page and some from the youth leader's blog.  Supposedly, there was a drop box account set up for all of the kids to share their photos in, but my son never accepted his invitation to join :-/  I finally gave up and decided that I had enough photos to finish up the pages.

It's really strange to look through Alex's photos and see what he found interesting.  One of the museums they went to had a needlepoint exhibit (photos are on page 2) and he must have taken 20+ photos of the pieces... but very little of anything else the rest of the trip.

Anyway... here are the pages for the Justice Journey...

 Storyteller Asher collection by Just Jaimee.

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