Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Project Life 2015: Week 27 (sort of)...

Can you spot the error?

Yup... this week illustrates one of the dangers of being behind and working out of order... numbering your weeks wrong.  Never fear, the original has been changed and so has the one that I uploaded to my Shutterfly book, I just never got around to changing my "saved for the web" version.  Actually the biggest issue with keeping things straight at this point in time, was having a divided family and trying to keep that organized.  I had two kids in two different states, doing totally different things.  I decided the way I wanted to handle this was for each kid to have their own spread.  Since I felt like I starting a whole new week, I labeled it as such, which is how this ended up being a week ahead.  Clara's spread for week 27 is one of the ones that I skipped.  I need to go back to it, I just haven't mustered up the motivation to order the pictures from her dance nationals (the reason we were in CA) yet.

Supplies (links on pinterest)...

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