Friday, November 06, 2015

Project Life 2015: Road Trip Day 7

The last day... well, sort of.

We had one more day after this, but it was just spent driving, and since it was a Sunday, I just incorporated it into my week 32.  On this day, we could have just headed towards home, but, in true road trip fashion, we decided to see what we could fit in along our route.  Gettysburg wasn't too far off of our path, so that's where we decided to go.  It worked out really well.  Clara was beginning to go downhill again, so we bought the audio tour CD from the gift shop and did the driving tour.  She was able to stretch out in the back seat and relax, but still be a part of it all.

My book 2 for the year arrived yesterday, so I actually got to hold these printed pages!  Sooooo exciting!

For supplies, I used Amber LaBau's Counting the Days cards, elements from Storyteller Dakota and some from Storyteller Kenner.

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