Friday, November 20, 2015

Project Life 2015: Week 42

In case you're keeping tracking, yes, I did skip week 41.  That was the week I did A Week in the Life.  The official week was a few weeks earlier, but a group of us didn't attempt it then and picked a new week to try.  I have kind of decided that I should stop attempting AWITL.  I adore the project, but it doesn't work well for me.  Maybe it's another one of those projects that would work better for me if I didn't do project life, I don't know.  I always incorporate it into PL since it overlaps so much with that project.  But there would be something really cool about having a series of stand alone AWITL books.  Anyway, back to my week 41... basically, it's not done yet.  Eight pages are sitting there with photos on them and a day of the week card for each day.  And that's it.  I haven't touched them in weeks.  I didn't write down my journaling, so I'm sure I've forgotten it all by now.  Sigh.

On to week 42!  Ahhh... the week I had fall family fun planned for Monday when both kids had off from school and Jeff took the day off from work.  And where did my children choose for their day of fall fun?  Was it the pumpkin farm, the apple orchard, the dunes with friends from school???  Nope... Ikea.  Oh well... we had a fun day together and everyone was happy.  I guess that was the main point of our day together anyway.

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