Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Project Life 2015: Road Trip Day 1

I took a bit of a blogging break again.  This time because I thought I was going to do something to add to this series of posts.

See, last year I did a travel journal while on the road and I posted those pages in conjunction with my PL pages on my blog.  This year, I didn't end up working on my travel journal on the road.  Who knows why... maybe it was burn out from already having been "on the road" for four days before we started the road trip portion, maybe it was because Clara ended up getting really sick during our trip, maybe it was because we were out later at night and just wanted to go to bed vs. work on our journals... regardless, it didn't get finished (or even started for that matter).  I did collect stuff along the way for a travel journal though and I thought I had everything in one place.  So, when it came time to post these pages, I thought I would throw together my journal real quick so I could post it at the same time (plus I'm working on my trip album and could use the info for reference).  Well, I found most of the stuff, but not all.  I'm sure I bought postcards at most places to add to my journal, but I'm not sure where they are (or, to be honest, if I even actually bought them).  So, in order to keep the posting momentum going, I'm going to put that project aside for the moment.

So here is day one at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...

I used Amber LaBau's Counting the Days cards, elements from Storyteller Dakota and some from Storyteller Kenner.

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