Friday, April 29, 2011


On the last day of "All About Alex" week, we headed off to Branson to catch the Liverpool Legends. Alex loves The Beatles and they were offering discounted tickets that week, so why not?

We got there a little early, so the kids posed with the cut-out of the band...
Alex had $10 he had gotten from his great grandma for his birthday and found the perfect thing to spend it on...
Stylish, no?
Then we went into the theater and got settled into our seats for the show....

(editing stage photos makes me nutty so these are all straight out of camera, except for some slight sharpening)

We all really enjoyed the show. They sounded GREAT! Alex had a great time singing along to all of his favorites and discovering a couple new songs he hadn't heard before.

This group is run by Louise Harrison, George Harrison's sister. She was there at the show and the kids got to meet her. She even came out during intermission and took questions about The Beatles from the audience. It was pretty cool. Afterward, the kids got autographs from the performers and Louise Harrison. I took some photos of that with my point and shoot, but it's upstairs and I'm downstairs (and I'm lazy) so I'm not going to include them in this post :-)

Happy Friday!

(and thanks mom and dad for a great week!)

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