Tuesday, April 05, 2011

a girls' weekend...

... in cell phone photos (of marginal quality :-)....

This past weekend, it was just me and the girl. The boys were off in Houston for the NCAA Final Four. Hopefully, when they return, I'll have lots of photos to post of their adventures since they took my new little point and shoot camera with them.

Saturday morning was our first big day out. We started out the day with Clara getting in two make-up dance classes. Afterward, it was off to Macy's for lunch and some shopping. She had a gift card from her birthday that she *needed* to spend.

It was the annual flower show at Macy's and it was just gorgeous!
Seriously considering taking my big camera down there one of these days to get some better photos.

After Macy's, we hit a bunch of other stores before ending up in Old Navy. Clara has been dying to do the photobooth for quite a while, but it's been out of order every time we've been there. Saturday it was working....
We went in a couple more places and then decided it was time for a treat.

Andy's Frozen Custard....
I grew up in the area where Andy's originated so their concretes have been a part of my life for years! We have to make an Andy's stop every time we visit my parents in Missouri... now there's one here in Chicago! I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that.... on one hand I LOVE it... on the other, it was always such a special thing to go do on our visits to MO since we could only get it there.

We were pretty worn out after our day of shopping, so we hopped on the train and went home.

The next day we went up and headed to Gap....
Clara had bought those white capris (what was I thinking letting her buy white?!?!?) the day before and was searching for the "perfect" shirt to go with them.

Next was lunch/brunch.... Clara and her French toast...
... she let me have a bite... sooooo good!

Then it was time for what Clara had really been looking forward to... pedicures!!!
(the nasty dirty sidewalk really adds to the photo, no?) This was Clara's first "almost real" pedicure. They still don't do the whole shebang on a kid her age, but it was the closest to a real one as she has gotten. Since kids take less time, I let her get a manicure also. We ended up being done about the same time.

We made a brief stop in the toy store where her big purchase was three squishies from the little gumball machine.

Our final stop was the art supply store where she bought a potholder loom and loops. She went straight to work when she got home....
... she gave this one to her teacher yesterday at school.

We had such a great weekend hanging out together, just the girls (but I'm so excited that the boys will be home shortly!).

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