Sunday, April 03, 2011

spirit week

Last week was an exciting week for Clara... it was Spirit Week at her school! She was so excited about dressing up each day.

MONDAY: Twin Day

I have no photos of this day. On the phone on Sunday, she and a friend from class planned their matching outfits. I thought about taking a photo of just Clara in the morning before school... but then, I wasn't sure what the point of that was. And then I didn't manage to catch the two together after school, so no photos of twin day.

TUESDAY: Sports Team Day

Clara had no doubt in her mind of what she was going to wear that day, her Cubs jersey...
(this is the day that she really started feeling bad.... you can tell she wasn't feeling so hot in this photo)


Yes, this is the very next morning after being diagnosed with a double ear infection, however, she was having no part of staying home that day.... it was pajama day AND the dance-a-thon! So, I let her go (since she wasn't contagious) and told her to call if she wasn't feeling well and I would come get her.
(that's the Easter Bunny pillow pet we brought home from our CVS trip the night before... she's been wanting a pillow pet for a while)

THURSDAY: Mismatch Day

Clara had so many ideas for this day.... her room looked like her closet threw up! In the end, she went with this, not too wild, combo as she needed something she could wear over her dance stuff since it was the day of the talent show....


No special outfit this day :-) Just a day of relaxing (and a make-up piano lesson).

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