Monday, March 26, 2012

and the roll continues...

On Friday, Clara got her gold medal for her performance in the solo festival...
She was so proud of it!! One of her best school friends also earned a gold medal and they wore their medals all day at school!

Alex had a bit of good news himself on Friday... he was recognized as a "Shining Example" that morning in their all school morning meeting!

His other news is that he found out that he'll be playing guitar on a fourth song now for the Neil Young show!

Saturday night we took the kids (Clara, Alex and Alex's friend) to see The Hunger Games. We were all (well, except Clara) dying to see it! It did not disappoint! It was really well done and very close to the book. I was a sobbing wreck at various parts of the movie which reminded me why I prefer to watch movies at home :-) We took everyone out to dinner afterward and listened to the boys analyze the book vs. the movie.

Today kicks off "spirit week" at Clara's school. Today's theme is Western Day.

Here's my little western girl...
Unfortunately, her cowboy hat is trashed! She took it to camp last summer and it's just not the same. So, she had braids, a western plaid shirt and freckles. It's hard to tell, but Clara has a small cut and bruise above her right eye. That was courtesy of her brother yesterday. The story we were told when they got home was that Alex threw a stick and accidentally hit her in the head (apparently, he was aiming for right next to her head and missed). Neither of them seemed at all bothered by the whole thing, which, for some reason, concerns me a bit more than if Clara was really upset about it. It has the feeling of them doing something they weren't supposed to be doing and concocting a cover story that they both agreed on. Hmmm.... who knows... but I'm sure I could get Alex to crack and if I really pushed it! LOL!

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