Wednesday, March 14, 2012

burning a hole...

Yesterday after school, we took another trip to Rotofugi. Her school BFF's birthday slumber party is this weekend and she knew that this was the perfect place to buy her gift (her friend is into the ninjas).

But apparently she had some of her own money that was burning a hole in her pocket... she just had to shop! :-)

She got some stickers for her camp trunk, a Yummy Dessert blind box keychain and a new Cactus Pup blind box...
... now her evil Cactus Pup has a nice pink friend!

Since I don't have a macro lens (I would rarely use it), I dusted off my old set of extension tubes to take that shot. Wow.... I am RUSTY! I forgot how tricky macro is. Depth of field is so shallow and as you can see, I'm off a little... plus I had to manually focus which I haven't done in years. It was fun though... maybe I should keep them out and play a little.

Clara has been a little bummed that basketball is almost over. She's really enjoyed the park district class. Well... yesterday in her Tuesday folder she brought home the new schedule of after school activities for the spring and guess what was on it! Yes... a basketball class! And it's on Fridays, just the same as the park district class and the after school one starts a couple of weeks after the park district one ends. She's so excited!!

Last night the band at Alex's school performed at the After School Showcase. I was with Clara at her jazz/tap class, but Jeff was able to go. I sent the flip with him and he recorded the whole thing for me. They did two songs, but I'm just posting the last one here, because the end cracks me up. The band has been so fabulous! The teachers that run it were just winging it and welcomed everyone (which is why you'll see a clarinet in the rock band). The kids had so much fun performing and just being together and I think you can tell that from the video. His school makes me very happy :-)

Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground...

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