Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Errand day...

Today is my errand day. I have until 2:45 to kill. It's 1:00pm and I've already gone everywhere I needed to go (and even a few places I didn't really need to go to). So I guess I will sit here at Chipotle and come up with a list for the week. :-)

1. Alex had a fabulous time on his ski club trip last weekend. I think it exceeded all of our expectations. Alex is one of those kids who can have a perfectly good time by himself within a group (unlike Clara whose experience is strongly influenced by having a specific subgroup to hang with). Well, the first night he fell into a group of three boys who were his same age and all skiers (some of the previous friends he had made on the bus were snowboarders which meant that they generally split ways on the slopes). From the way it sounds those four were inseparable all weekend and they had a blast together! They even all decided that they will do this next year and room together again. Alex tried a couple of new things... moguls and tree skiing. Glad he had such a great time and sad that the ski season is over.

2. It's ISAT week for the kids. Clara is an old pro at it, but Alex was a little nervous. He spent Monday night doing test prep online just to make sure he was ready.

3. It's a beautiful day here! It's in the 60's and sunny, but it is so, so windy.

4. I'm stalking the movie theater website for Saturday night's schedule. Clara has a friend spending the night so we thought about taking them to the movie. If The Lorax and John Carter line up, we'll see if Alex's friend wants to come too. Girls to the Lorax and boys to John Carter. If it works out, Jeff and I will have to figure out which one of us sees what movie. :-)

5. Alex has his first night of show rehearsal at School of Rock tonight! He's pretty excited. The songs he has lead vocals on are sounding pretty good! I haven't heard his guitar lately since he practices with headphones.

Okay. I've been sitting at chipotle entirely too long! Still have time to fill, so I'll go wander for a while and enjoy the sunshine!

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