Friday, March 23, 2012

the girl is on a roll...

Clara has had a really good week!

Tuesday was her band concert. As you can tell, seating with a good view was hard to come by, but at least I had a clear shot of Clara....
I didn't take any photos of her playing because I was recording the songs with the flip. I'll spare you all the video of beginning band pieces :-) Actually, they did quite well. Especially since they don't normally play together. Beginning bands are very small at individual schools (I think Clara's school has 5 members). Three times a year, they combine with other schools to put on concerts. There were eight schools participating in this concert.

Here's her band director introducing the next piece...
(now you can see why Clara bought him this sticker on our last trip to rotofugi)

On Wednesday they announced the list of those who made it into the talent show this year. Clara was soooo excited that her and her friends got in!! I was a little surprised as well! They've worked really hard on putting it all together, but I just didn't know how it would go. They honestly have done the whole thing themselves... they picked the music, choreographed the dance, practiced at recess and even picked matching outfits based on clothing they all already own. Can't wait to see them perform on Tuesday!

Yesterday was another big day. Back in February (or was it January?), when the kids auditioned for the school musical (Aladdin) Clara put down that she was auditioning for the role of Magic Carpet. At the audition, the drama teacher asked her if there was anything else she would want to be since there were a bunch of people who put down Magic Carpet as well. Clara wasn't sure, so she just said "towns person". At the first rehearsal, they told them that due to the number of people auditioning for the role and since Magic Carpet only has a couple of key scenes (and no dialog), they would wait until later to announce who got the role. Clara had kind of given up on the idea of being Magic Carpet, since she had been given several other small special parts throughout the show (harem girl, dancer, etc.). Well... yesterday as they went into rehearsal, the drama teacher pulled her aside and with great flair, told Clara that they decided that she should be Magic Carpet!! Clara was so surprised and absolutely THRILLED!!!

I know I talk a lot about how Alex's school is such a great fit for him... well, Clara's school is a perfect fit for her as well. Having two kids at two different schools can be a logistics nightmare at times, but it is so worth it to have two kids that are so perfectly matched with their schools!!

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  1. What an exciting week for her!

    It would be a logistical nightmare having them both in different schools - but their happiness is worth it!