Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I keep forgetting to blog!

This past weekend was a pretty busy one. Saturday morning Clara had her presentation for her ballet class. They do not do recitals at this place... only a end of year presentation of skills. I didn't think I would like it as well... but I loved it. I could really see what she had learned this year when it was free of the clutter of choreography and costumes. Don't get me wrong... I still love choreography and costumes... but it was amazing to see the actual skills she has learned/improved on this year. It was also pretty overwhelming to see what she will be expected to do next year as Level II also performed in their presentation section.

In each level, in addition to their ballet technique classes, they are required to take one "fun class". The fun class for her current level is Latin Dance.

Here she is in the Latin Dance warm up....
and dancing...
She loves that class and her instructor. She's a bit sad that Latin won't be part of her curriculum next year, but we might take a class with her instructor separate from the program she's in.

Next was ballet. I took only one photo...
I got so into watching her that I forgot to pick up my camera again. Not only was I most interested in seeing what she had learned in ballet class... but I was also watching her face... she had injured her foot right at bedtime the night before and at that time we weren't sure how badly she had injured it. I was watching her face for any signs that it was bothering her. (At bedtime she went running down the hall in the dark and got her foot caught under one of our door stops that stick out from the wall.... the top of her foot was dark purple... but it appears it was only a surface injury though.)

After the presentation, we went out for a long lunch with some of our friends from dance. The girls had a great time hanging out together someplace other than the halls of the dance school.

That night Jeff and I went out for our anniversary.... 12 years. This is what I love about being in the city... we just took out walking from our house. We had a fabulous steak dinner at a little place we had never tried before and then went out for a walk in search of ice cream. On our way to the ice cream place we walked past the TimeLine Theatre. We decided to go in and put our name on the waiting list for The History Boys (we had tried to get tickets before but it was sold out). We checked back in after we had our ice cream and we managed to get in. However, we had to sit on opposite sides of the theater since those were the only two seats left.

Sunday was church.... Alex sang in service with the choir and it was the last day of Sunday School until next fall. We ended up going out to lunch with the teachers of the class which Jeff had assisted in all year (Clara's Sunday School class).

Things are both winding down and spiraling out of control with the end of the school year approaching. Some of our activities have ended already while some are amping up for end of the year performances. We have also got to start getting Alex ready for camp as it starts June 1st... yikes! His shopping for camp should all be done... it's just a matter of labeling and packing it all. I seriously can't believe that he's going for TWENTY FIVE days this summer.

Okay.... I need to get moving.... it's testing week in our house!

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