Monday, May 11, 2009

total randomness

I have been horrible.... absolutely horrible about blogging lately! I'm not really sure why though. I just seems like we've been really busy lately and with planning for summer (and next fall already.... ugh)... it seems like I've been spending my computer time looking up things and trying to reasonably plan out schedules instead of doing fun things like editing photos or blogging.

So.... here are some random photos I have edited over the past week or so.

Okay.... I think these two are from last Sunday (not yesterday but the one before that). With the weather getting nicer, we're back in the alley quite a bit with the neighborhood kids again. Alex's bike was in the shop for a tune up so he was on his scooter...

I made Clara stop and let me take a photo.... she looks thrilled, doesn't she? :-)

Oh... this one is out of order. This photo is actually from the Friday before the photos above....
I took it during their joint violin/guitar lesson. I took a ton that day but I haven't edited any others. I just liked this one for some reason.

This was taken one day this past week and I totally love it....
.... even with Clara's messy hair, it's my new favorite photo. She's loves Friday girl. :-)

And finally one from this weekend...
Clara is playing soccer again! Well... just for the end of this season. Her friend's team was down to the minimum number of players they needed to have on the field at all times, so they asked if Clara would like to be a sub for them. She was so excited.... she's been wanting to play soccer again (not seriously, just for fun) so this was the perfect situation.

In other news.... Clara got some exciting news this week. She's being moved up a level at one of the places that she takes dance. It's a huge honor as it seems that she's one of just a handful that are being moved up. Clara was very excited until she found out that moving up a level meant that her hours will double next fall. She's okay with that.... but it means that she can no longer dance at both of the places she currently dances (well... not without me cloning myself in order to get Alex everywhere he needs to be as well). Ugh. We're currently not discussing it, until we sort some things out.... since Clara nearly bursts into tears anytime it is mentioned that she will have to make a choice.

Okay... I'm off to get going on my day! Hopefully I'll be a better blogger this week :-)

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