Thursday, May 21, 2009


This week has been a crazy week... we haven't been *that* busy but it's still been crazy. We're testing this week so that always comes with it's own set of chaos (by the way.... chaos is Clara's new favorite word, she uses it constantly.... last night getting her soccer socks off was "chaos").

We also dismantled Alex's science fair project and recorded the last of our results.

Here's a photo I took that day. Not sure if I like the black and white best....

... or the color version....
Yesterday afternoon Clara had a photo shoot with her classmates at one of the places she dances at. The kids always have a great time when they get together. We ended up going out for a late lunch with one of the families.

We made it home just in time for Clara to get ready for soccer practice. It was a crazy evening. Thankfully dinner was under control... Jeff grilled out steaks and asparagus and I had baked some potatoes. I tried something new.... I baked the potatoes in the crock pot! It worked perfectly and so easy! Not that baking potatoes in the oven is hard but with all of our afternoon/evening activities I rarely have the time it takes to actually bake a potato for dinner.

Today is our stay-at-home day and I'm so in need of one. I feel like we're always running. Thankfully today we are not! :-)

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