Thursday, May 28, 2009


... was CRAZY!!! We had so much going on... so many places to be.... so much to get done! But, we did it all without any glitches!

First of all... it was our water delivery day... no biggie... just another thing on the list. Then it was cleaning lady day so, of course, we had to pre-clean :-) We had to leave the house by 10 am since both kids had their yearly physicals that morning. We were out of there in 30 minutes... with both kids given a clean bill of health.

We grabbed a quick lunch and headed home for a little bit. Then we had to gather up our stuff and head out to the Nature Museum so Alex could present his science fair project to the judges. The actual homeschool science fair isn't until next month... but he'll be at camp, so he got to present early...

While Alex was in with the judges, they announced the butterfly release so Clara and I decided to go....

Here's Clara watching a blue morpho fly by, while a little butterfly clings to her dress....
After he was done, we headed back home to drop off some stuff and pick up Clara's dance bag and soccer bag.

When we went back outside, I couldn't resist taking a few photos of Alex... he looked so grown up!

We were home maybe 5 minutes and then we had to go to Clara's dance class. After dance she went straight to soccer practice with her friend.

Whew!!! It was a BUSY day! But with cramming almost everything into yesterday, we had a fairly restful day today (and I have a photo to post later!).


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