Sunday, March 16, 2008


My kids will be dying Easter eggs for the first time ever this week! I can't wait. In preparation for this, tonight I boiled 18 eggs. Jeff said 12 would be plenty but I'm not real good at boiling eggs without cracking 2 or three in the process. So, to be safe, I got one of those dozen and half packages. And, yes, I did crack two in the process :-)

Today was a very busy church day since it is Palm Sunday. The kids sang at both the 9:30 and the 11:30 services. They both did really well. Other than that... nothing much went on here. It's just the final dash to Easter and our trip to Missouri for Spring Break.

Okay... I'm boring... LOL!


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  1. well you are one faithful blogger! i have been reading everyday in google reader but thought i would pop in and say hi! we will be doing fun easter stuff this week too because we will be out of town for easter and i wanted to do things with the kiddies before gramma gets 'em!