Monday, March 17, 2008

lots of photos, not a lot of words

Okay... I always spend too much time messing with my photos and then it ends up so late by the time I get around to posting them (okay... so I don't start working on them until the 10pm news comes on, but still... LOL).

Today we dyed our Easter Eggs! We decided to mix the colors on the window sill after we discovered that the last three were so dark we couldn't tell the shade unless we held them up to the light.

Here's Clara waiting for Alex to fetch her more water :-)
The inspector keeping an eye on Clara's work...
The mixed dyes...
Clara putting stickers on her egg... she took them off after she dyed the egg so there would be polka-dots...
Alex dying one of his eggs...
Some of the finished eggs...
They had a lot of fun with these. They used stickers to make polka-dots, they colored the white eggs with a white crayon before dying them and they even wrapped some with rubber bands to make cool white lines. Fun stuff!

In addition to the eggs... we also did this somewhat messy project for school.

And yes, Lisa... I do try to blog regularly, I find out that if I miss more than a couple days I have a hard time getting started again and the next thing I know a couple of days have turned into a couple of weeks. :-)

Okay... I'm off to bed!


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