Saturday, March 15, 2008


Nothing exciting here. Clara had dance again this morning (ballet and character). They started work on their recital pieces. Clara's ballet piece should be interesting as her instructor has decided to "showcase" her. Not sure exactly what that entails but I guess we'll find out! :-) I did warn her instructor that we won't be back in dance for three weeks (next week is off because of Easter and the following week we'll still be in Missouri). He gave us some homework to do while we're gone.

One of Clara's dance friends came over the play for the afternoon so I got out the camera and took a few photos, but since I don't have permission to post her friend's photo I'll just post the one I snapped of just Clara...
Tonight is family night and it's Clara's pick. Instead of a movie she has chosen to play Disney Scene It so I should probably wrap this up and get ready to play!


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