Sunday, March 09, 2008

okay... i lied :-)

Blogger will let me upload photos but only if I do them one at a time... sigh.

Today we ventured out of the city and to Aurora so Clara could go to the birthday party of one of her friends from dance. And I decided to bring my camera since I'm trying to get back into the swing of the photo-a-day thing.

Here you can see Clara in the background, riding with her friends on one of the rides at the party place...
We were there forever, but the kids had a great time. We grabbed dinner while were out there and then headed back into the city to go home.

I was glad I had my camera because I love when the city comes into view.... I always feel like I'm "home". The strange thing is, I have always had that feeling. I can remember visiting the city in college and having that feeling. I just knew after that trip that I wanted to actually live in Chicago.
Look... an iPod billboard...

and another... they're everywhere! :-)
(ignore our city stickers and the window frame in the shot above... I was having fun shooting through the front window as we drove around)

Not sure exactly where we were for this picture...
There had been an accident on the interstate and traffic was backed up so we decided to take the scenic route home.... which ended up with us momentarily "misplaced" in an industrial area :-)

Okay... photos posted... I'm heading to bed!


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  1. chi town is a beautiful city. i can't wait to visit it again.