Saturday, March 29, 2008

we're home!

A quick little recap of our week with LOTS of photos!

Sunday - my quest for the perfect Easter portrait of my two went unfulfilled yet again...On Monday... Clara got something new... can you guess what it is?
Tuesday I took no pictures :-)

Wednesday Clara officially became a member of the "no more training wheels" club...

Thursday, after a day at Silver Dollar City the kids still had energy...
There is a "what happened next" photo to go with the one above... but I'm saving it for later! :-)

Then they went fishing in grandpa's pond...

Then they did this when the wind kicked up as a storm blew in...

(don't ask... but it was grandpa's idea)

Friday Alex discovered golf...
... and he hit golf balls for well over an hour (even after it got dark - the front yard looked like a driving range with golf balls everywhere the next morning).

And finally, right before bed, Clara modeled her new dental work...
... courtesy of a trip to Incredible Pizza that we had made earlier that day with a friend of mine from high school and her girls.

Today was a full day in the car driving back to Chicago! Now we're home and although we had a great time in Missouri... we're glad to be back home!


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  1. Earrings.... and she's oh so cute! Never noticed any on her before, so I'm guessing thats it! (uh yeah, on a Sunday, I get up early and read blogs and such!) Happy Sunday to you all! What's my prize for being the first to answer and to get it correct? Bwahahahaa! Katy ~ aka Plucky