Monday, March 31, 2008

getting back to it...

The Monday after a vacation is always fun and today was no exception. Actually it wasn't too bad, but you knew it was a Monday and you knew we were a little rusty with our routine. :-)

Today after our normal seat work, we started our unit on Hawaii....
you can read more about that here if you would like.

We are all so excited about our trip there in a few weeks. We did a ton of shopping for the trip while we were in Missouri last week. I think we're pretty much set, as far as purchases go.

Tonight at cooking class Alex made sushi rolls. Now, I love sushi, I truly do... but Alex's sushi rolls... not so much. I seriously had to fight the gag reflex while eating one as he watched me expectantly... sigh. There is such a thing as putting too much cream cheese in a sushi roll. My goodness... his roll was HUGE and sliced thick. It was like eating a quarter cup of cream cheese wrapped in seaweed. Ugh! Poor boy... he just put his favorite things in his roll... he just got a little carried away. :-) Thankfully we had stopped by the Thai place by our house on the walk home to get some pineapple fried rice, crab rangoon and egg rolls to go with Alex's sushi (I know, that didn't exactly go with his sushi, but the Japanese restaurant, although it was close, was the opposite direction from our house). I forgot to see what he's making next week.

Okay, it's late and I need my sleep!


(oh... and don't go into shock but I actually scrapped something tonight! i hope to get it posted tomorrow!!!)

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