Wednesday, May 07, 2008

back to Hawaii - Kona

On the Wednesday we were in Hawaii, we docked at Kona (well... technically we didn't "dock", we had to be shuttled between the ship and the shore on little boats).

We decided to forgo any formal "tours" and took a shuttle to Kahalu'u Beach Park. It was a great choice. A nice, close beach with a coral reef for snorkeling just steps away. And snorkel we did! So much to see! We even saw a sea turtle... well, Alex and I did. Clara's mask came off at the same time the turtle swam by so Clara and Jeff were both above water trying to fix Clara's mask.

The sand here was different than we were used to... it was dark...

We could hardly get the kids out of the water... especially Clara! She loved snorkeling. They also enjoyed the underwater cameras we had purchased. They were fun (some photos are below) but the quality is definitely lacking. Not sure what our best options are for the next snorkeling trip (Meg... any suggestions?).

Here are a few from the camera Jeff and I shared....

I worked on them a little in photoshop and neat image but they're still not so good (the last one I ran through neat image at least one time too many). But they were still fun... we'll have to work on identifying the fish next for school.

I should have another set of photos from this same day to post soon (involving a certain blond girl child and a certain type of traditional Hawaiian dance).


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