Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Sorry that I didn't post last night, I spent my online time researching thyroid conditions in children. Clara and Alex had their check-ups yesterday. As per usual, Alex's check-up went just fine. Everything checks out okay... everything is within normal ranges.

But then there's Clara. Her weight is always an issue. Last year it was. Her BMI was at the 80th percentile which prompted a round of blood work to rule out diabetes and high cholesterol. With those ruled out, the doctor just suggested that we keep an eye on her diet and make sure she gets exercise. Clara is my fruit and veggie loving girl so that wasn't a problem. We also rarely, if ever, eat any fast food since moving back to the city. Also since moving back, exercise isn't a problem either. The kids and I don't drive anywhere during the week. We walk to all of their classes and activities and to tell the truth, Clara either runs or skips her way to all of these. And then there's the activities... 1 hour of gymnastics, at least 2 1/2 hours of martial arts, and four hours of dance a week. This isn't even counting playtime at the park or running around the alley with the kids from the neighborhood. Clara is an active kid... in Hawaii, while Alex was on the beach, sitting and building sand castles, Clara was constantly in the water battling waves... she just doesn't sit. So imagine my surprise and disappointment when her BMI charted at the 92nd percentile yesterday! It just isn't fair to her!

I can't imagine how she could fit much more activity into her schedule and I really would hate to put her on a diet (incorporate healthier, lower fat foods, yes.... an actual "diet", no... she's six!!). But she's already got the beginning of body issues... sadly they mostly stem from the one activity she loves the most, dance. Comments from other girls in class and her instructors are beginning to stick and she's beginning to obsess about how to "lose my jelly belly" (not sure where she got that term from) and needing more exercise because she heard people talking about how great a woman looked who had "no fat on her". I know I wasn't aware of stuff like this until I was much older. It scares me that she thinks like this at six.... what's it going to be like at sixteen? sigh
So, her doctor has ordered another round of blood work... this time testing for thyroid issues. We're going to try to get her in at the lab either tomorrow or first thing Friday morning. I don't know what I'm hoping for, I don't want her to have thyroid problems, but I honestly crave an answer to what's going on with her.

Okay... just needed to vent and get that out of my system!

Thanks for "listening" :-)


  1. Just wanted to say that I 'listened' and that I feel sad for you. I know I would if it were my kiddos. It's good that she's checked up, but it's sad if she's getting focused on weight issues this early! She looks really healthy to me, and by the looks of it, I think it's a phase that she'll pass. (I'm no expert though!)

    My dad medicates due to something with the gland in his throut (too lazy to look up the word in English), and that medicine makes it impossible for him to gain weight. I don't think he has ever passed 62 kg.

    I hope that the results of the analyses will be comforting, and that you get a good explanation to why her BMI is rising, and that there will be things you can do about it that won't affect her ways of being her.

    If that made any sense at all, I'm glad. I'm off to bed! Nite!

  2. Teresa Ferguson7:06 PM

    Aw, Tracie.....I feel so awful for you! And to think of Clara already feeling self-conscious of her (adorable) 6 year old body just breaks by heart. I did the "dance" thing as a little girl too and was always in the higher percentile (also in height), so I know how hard it is to get into a leotard once those feelings start...I hope that's not the same for her. Hope those tests can shed some light on things for you guys!