Thursday, May 29, 2008


Saturday is the recital so last night the kids got their costumes. I was so excited! I honestly didn't expect to see them until Saturday so it was nice to get a chance to take a few photos (our studio rents costumes instead of purchasing them so access to the costumes is limited).

Here is Clara in her character costume...

She was going through her dance in the photos above.

A photo in front of my favorite door....
One of her ballet costumes...
and the signal that the photo shoot was over....
Her tap costume is still at the studio, I'm not a huge fan of her other ballet costume so I didn't photograph her in it and I just couldn't bring myself to do photos in her hip hop costume... I need to get over it, but hip hop dance costumes can be so cheesy sometimes.

This afternoon I screwed up. We were supposed to garden with our homeschool group at the community garden. Apparently I misunderstood. Even though they said open garden hours had begun... that only applied to WEEKEND open garden hours, not WEEKDAY..... sigh. So, we hung out on the sidewalk in front of the garden a bit.... moms talking while the kids played. Then we ventured off with another family to catch the L home. Well... on the way to the L, we justified just popping into the Starbucks for a little bit to get the kids a snack and let the commuter traffic die down a bit. Ummmm..... this is how it starts.... LOL! The next thing you know they're mopping the floors and trying to close for the evening and we're still there. The kids were entertaining themselves drawing faces on the people in the Red Eye paper and the mom and I were happily chatting. So it's now 8:30 and we've decided that it is late enough that we can head to the L and most definitely get a seat for the kids. HOWEVER, there were problems with the line we were on and trains were delayed... which means the trains were full. Although we had a great time hanging out at Starbucks... we still got on a crowded train with no seats. :-)

Now the kids are in bed and I'm heading that way too!


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