Monday, May 19, 2008

kit goes to the park...

... and a weekend review.

Friday we continued our daily trips to the park. However, this time Kit joined us. Poor thing had to ride in what is left of Clara's bitty baby stroller.
She had a great time at the park though... sliding and swinging....

Alex didn't enjoy Kit's presence at the park nearly as much as Clara did. He was a little miffed that she spent more time playing with Kit instead of him. Do you see the little boy sitting near Alex? He decided that Alex was his hero and followed him EVERYWHERE. He did everything Alex did, even if it included sitting and pouting because Clara was choosing Kit over him. :-)

Alex unintentionally got even on the way home. He pushed the stroller part of the way home and somehow Kit's foot got wedged while riding in that little fabric pouch. Her foot ended up wearing a big hole in the fabric and her foot got scraped up a bit from dragging on the sidewalk. There were tears.... oh were there tears! Kit's fine though but the stroller is finally officially trash (unless they rescue it yet again... sigh).

Friday the kids got their yellow belts at the belt ceremony for martial arts. They were soooo excited. I took a couple of photos... I just forgot all about them.

Saturday was dance for Clara and bike riding and errands for Jeff and Alex. Afterwards we had lunch and got ready for our big evening out. Saturday was our 11th wedding anniversary, so the kids went to a friend's house for a night of fun and Jeff and I went for an evening out. Our friend lives near Michigan Avenue so we dropped off the kids and then took a walk. Yes, we could have planned something more exciting and action packed... but for me, an evening out, just the two of us with no agenda and no deadlines was perfect. We walked to Nordstrom so Jeff could buy a new suit. I LOVE the suit he ended up getting. After that we went to the Swatch store and I got a new Swatch watch. Unfortunately I couldn't find the one I got online so I guess I'll have to take a photo later. Then we popped into the Body Shop so I could get some more shower gel and body butter.

From there we wandered on down Grand to India House for dinner. YUM! And the best part is, I have leftovers for lunch today! After a big dinner, we walked back to pick up the kids and catch a cab home. It was perfect evening!

Sunday was church. It was a tough day for Clara... it was the end of regular Sunday school and choir ended. It made her sad. Alex was fine... his choir had a pizza party to celebrate the end of choir. They also got their audition packets for the fall musical.

Sunday afternoon was spent bagging stuff up for a trip to Goodwill and labeling Alex's stuff for camp. I can't believe he'll be at camp in less than TWO weeks!!! Wow! He's so excited though! Clara and I are trying to decide what to do with ourselves while he's at camp and Jeff is working... we're thinking we might go to Texas to visit friends. Not sure yet though.

Okay... I've rambled on enough so I'm going to wrap this up!

Have a great week!

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  1. I can't belive Alex is going to camp for two weeks! What type of camp and how far away? I can't imagine Maddi going for two days, let alone two weeks. Can't wait to hear how much fun he has. Happy Anniversary!