Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Yesterday was a beautiful day and even though we had TONS to do... we decided to sneak out for just a bit after lunch for "recess"!

Excuse the photos... the mid-day sun was harsh.

So, there was lots of swinging going on...

and some playing on the jungle gym...
and a little bit of tree climbing at the end....

After about an hour we headed home and on our way home we ran into our neighbors... they were just coming home from school. It turns out that next year they'll be doing the virtual charter school so they'll be home during the day. The mom and I discussed doing a quick little after lunch recess with our kids next school year! How fun is that?

After that we finished up school and headed to martial arts. After martial arts we went to the shoe store to get Alex new tennis shoes for camp. It was there that the woman at the store made the comment "I bet you're looking forward to him being gone" to Clara, which started her weeping about how much she's going to miss him when he's gone... sigh. Is it so hard to believe that siblings can actually enjoy each other?

Oh... I haven't spoken to the doctor yet.... just received Clara's results. Her thyroid level is within the normal range. Not sure where we go from here. Waiting to hear from the doctor.

Okay... I'm off! :-)


  1. we do a virtual school through k12 also and we love it! What a great idea about recess :)

  2. I keep looking at pictures of Clara and I just don't see how her BIM is that high. She's active, and all. My ped never did/does BMI at her age but m y dd is in the 15% for height and 60% for weight and thankfully total muscle. I hope you figure it out. HUGS