Thursday, May 01, 2008

Maui Day Two

On our second day on Maui, Jeff and my dad went to play golf so mom and I took the kids on an excursion.

Our first stop was Iao Valley State Park...

It was really beautiful there.

Oh... in case you're wondering... the best thing about a wide angle lens is....

making your children look like bobble heads... :-)
(Clara was having a bad hair due to all of the waterproof sunscreen we put around her face the day before... it took two days to fully wash out!)
Our ultimate destination was the Maui Ocean Center. It was great! The aquarium only contained the fish of Hawaii so it was great prep for our snorkeling trip that was to come later in the trip.

Here's my favorite, the frog fish...
And Alex and Clara's favorite, the sea turtle tank...
and one last shot of the squinting kids (it was pretty bright that day)...
Not much else to really report about that day. We had a great time on our excursion and afterwards the kids spent several hours in pool on the ship. Another perfect day!

Okay... there are bedtime stories to be read!


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  1. Lisa M. Pace11:19 AM

    Tracie these photos are incredible. Looks like you all have a wonderful trip. Glad you are back safe and sound.