Wednesday, May 28, 2008

a day late...

I know... I said I would upload this picture yesterday.... but somehow the day completely got away from me.

So here is toothless Clara...
She's pretty darn proud of that gap! But she's decided that the other one can wait a little while before it comes out.

There's really not much else to report... yesterday did get away from me, but I really don't think we did anything of interest. We did go to martial arts but that was rather uneventful. I don't think we'll be any more exciting today. This week is really crazy with getting Alex ready for camp. There's not much to be done, but just having that whole thing looming makes me a little crazy. Plus, Clara and I will be gone the whole two weeks too which adds more packing to be done. And should I even mention that their music and dance recital is Saturday afternoon, so we leave immediately afterwards to drive to Missouri so we can get Alex to camp in time on Sunday? UGH!!! Again, there's not much to be done.... but just knowing what lies ahead is making me a bit nutty.

Okay... off to start my day!

Happy Wednesday! :-)

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