Monday, September 01, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 29

Well... we're finally back home from all of our traveling!  I can't believe school starts tomorrow... this summer has just flown by!

I'm not caught up yet with my pages, but I am at a spot that I'm pretty comfortable with.  I just started working on week 34.  This is the start of week 36, so that's not too bad.  Add in there that the kids start back to school tomorrow so I'll have more time during the day, and I should be caught up in no time.  The travel journals Clara and I did turned out amazing and I can't wait to share those!  They were a big help in me putting together my PL pages for the trip and will be an even bigger help when making my separate trip album.  Plus they were so much fun to do!

So, back to some pre-trip pages I never got posted.  Here's week 29....


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